The Good Friends now have a discussion forum

14 June, 2015

Jackson Elias

Paul, Matt and I have been discussing the idea of having a forum for some time, but kept putting it off because none of us know the first thing about managing one. In order to save us from ourselves, our good friends over at the Miskatonic University podcast have very kindly set up a discussion forum for us on their site. It’s now live, and we’ve started populating it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 13.34.18

This new forum won’t replace any content on this site, but will give us a new place to have somewhat easier-to-navigate discussions than our existing comments section. We hope it will also encourage any of you who don’t already listen to the MU Podcast to do so — it really is rather good!

Our thanks go out to Keeper Dan and the rest of the MU Podcast crew for their help and generosity!

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