We’re back, and we’re looking at a couple of old favourites: Re-Animator and From Beyond. While these films have been around for almost as long as Matt, we would still be remiss if we didn’t warn you that we spoil them quite comprehensively. As we are gentlemen, or at least wear their skins in a convincing manner, we have once again saved these spoilers till the end of the episode, with clear warning of when they start.

From Beyond 2

We’ve seen what happens to people who don’t give spoiler warnings.

While there are more film adaptations of Lovecraft stories than eyes on a shoggoth, not many are features. Of those, most of the stand-outs were made by one director: Stuart Gordon. While Gordon often injects elements of sex, violence and comedy that would agitate Lovecraft’s essential salts in violent eddies of displeasure, few would argue that his work is filled with an energetic enthusiasm for its source material.

Re-Animator 1

And the occasional severed head…

We’re joined for this episode by Mike Mason, line editor for Call of Cthulhu and fellow Stuart Gordon fan. This episode was recorded before the recent changes at Chaosium, so there is no discussion of them. This may be for the best, as we found rather a lot to say about the films. If we’d got to discussing Chaosium as well, we’d probably still be recording now.

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3 comments on “Re-Animator & From Beyond

  1. Thank you Scott for mentioning Sol & I when talking about Re-Animator. I remember the tree of us watching it and the comments we made….it was good fun..which is why I liked the movie so much!.

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