(One of) The Good Friends at GenCon 2015

25 July, 2015


It’s that time of the year again (well, a little earlier than normal, at it happens, being the end of July rather than mid-August) – so I’m off to GenCon again. Unfortunately, I’ll be the only one of the Good Friends able to make it this year. Hopefully the stars will be right next year (perhaps).

This year’s going to be pretty busy, as usual. I’m hosting three scheduled games:

Captive Audience

A World War Cthulhu adventure set in London during the Blitz.

Along Unseen Paths

A loose follow-up to “The Seventh Circle” that came out last year.

Bethmoora Awakes

An adventure into the Dreamlands of Lord Dunsany.

I’ll also be helping out as a guest Keeper to run Paul’s Gatsby & the Great Race organised by Matt Quiett from Nerd’s Domain

In addition, I’ll be offering to run 1-2 hour demo’s of Call of Cthulhu for Chaosium in the morning of each day of the event (from roughly 10am till Noon).

Away from the gaming table (yes, surprisingly, there is time!), I’ll be a guest on Podcast-a-Ganza! organised by Benjamin Riggs from Plot Points. There’s a nice lineup of guests there for this event – it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Otherwise, I’m only getting chance to play in two games this time around:

New Years 1999

Organised by Matt Quiett – a large-scale tabletop that sounds like a lot of fun

Take Me to Church

Run by Elder Entertainment – a Cthulhu LARP with one of my favourite groups. I’ve already had a brief about the character I’m playing and I’m very much looking forward to this!

Catch you all when I get back!

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2 comments on “(One of) The Good Friends at GenCon 2015

  1. Wait….I thought Scott said for sure he was definitely going this year…I am confused….

  2. Tore Nielsen Jul 28, 2015

    Have fun! Keep hydrated and for Pete’s sake don’t touch anything!

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