The Good Friends to join the Smart Party for a live episode!

14 November, 2015


Are you going to be at the Dragonmeet convention in London on Saturday the 5th of December? If so, please come and join us for a live special! We will go head-to-pseudopod with Gaz and Baz of the excellent What Would the Smart Party Do? podcast to discuss whether there is too much Cthulhu in gaming.

Smart Party

The seminar will take place at 18:00. Bring a poncho: the first three rows could get wet.


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3 comments on “The Good Friends to join the Smart Party for a live episode!

  1. C’mon guys, we all know the answer is that there isn’t. I’ve seen this panel at three conventions at least and it’s never really very interesting. Why not talk about how to get more Cthulhu into gaming, or the different kinds of Cthulhu in gaming or Scott’s beard or how to summon fish? If you do this particular seminar, I swear I will chuck fish at you from the front row.

    • You know if you chuck fish in my direction, I’ll just bark like a seal and catch them in my mouth.

      I’ll have a chat with the others and see what they think. If it’s any consolation, I think we’ll probably spend more time deviating from the topic than actually talking about it.

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