New Patreon Goal

1 December, 2015

Jackson Elias

Last week, listener Christopher Glew pushed us over the edge. By backing us on Patreon, he unlocked the $75 goal we announced back in May. As a result, we are now hard at work on the first issue of The Blasphemous Tome fanzine. If you back us between now and the (estimated) release date of Spring 2016, you can still ensure that you get a copy, as well as our undying gratitude.

This also means that we’ve been putting our heads together about the next goal. As fond as we are of our trusty Yeti, it does have its limitations. Sharing a single microphone means that recording levels are tricky to stabilise, and being a condenser, it picks up a fair amount of room noise and echo. So, at $85, we’re going to invest in three new microphones designed for proper vocal recording. We have received some professional advice about the best options for our particular requirements, and we’re almost ready to go shopping.

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far! Your generosity has made all the difference with managing the running costs of the podcast.

And speaking of Patreon backers, we had our first online get-together with some of you last Sunday. We spent about 45 minutes discussing ideas for future episodes, the possibility of doing some actual play recordings, and options for future backer rewards. Our plan is to have one of these group calls every quarter, and we’d love to have you join the next one!

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