Patreon Changes

11 December, 2015

Jackson Elias

If you’ve visited the Patreon site in the last couple of days, you may have noticed that they have changed the way they calculate backing levels. The old method showed the total value of pledges from backers. The new totals take fees and declined pledges into account, and thus appear lower. While this is a good thing when it comes to seeing how much money is really coming in, it has caused a bit of confusion.

The main headache is that milestones are now measured against this adjusted figure. This means that we have gone from comfortably passing our goal of paying for new microphones to being a few dollars short.

As it is utterly unfair to change the goalposts like that, we’re treating the goal as having been met regardless. Paul and I are still planning to go shopping for the new equipment next week, so you should still hear the promised improvement in sound quality soon.

We will have to use this new method for setting future milestones, however, as it becomes too much of a pain to manage them otherwise. The next milestone will be up soon, and it’s one we’re rather excited about. We hope you will be too!

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