You may have seen or heard us mention that we co-hosted a seminar at the recent Dragonmeet convention in London, along with our good friends Baz and Gaz from the What Would the Smart Party Do? podcast. The topic was “Is there too much Cthulhu in gaming?”, with Baz and Gaz arguing the case for the prosecution, Matt and Scott offering a spirited defence, and Paul as chair, occasionally remembering that he was supposed to be impartial.


Paul’s Jackson Elias T-shirt should not be taken as any indication of bias.

We recorded the proceedings, including heckles, digressions and the occasional rain of fish. The audio quality is better than we anticipated, although it is sometimes difficult to hear the questions from the audience.


Photos courtesy of Tiffany Sanderson.

The Smart Party, being more organised than us, have released their version of the recording already. It is much the same, but with slightly different post-production and Gaz doing the introduction instead of us. If you’ve already listened to that, you probably don’t need to download this episode. We will pout, however.

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3 comments on “Special: Dragonmeet 2015 with The Smart Party

  1. The sound is really surprisingly good, even for audience members down in the back.

    Copyright for Lovecraft’s creations seems to be a bit of a mess. I wonder if that’s a(nother) reason for why they get into so many things. They’re popular and you can use them without being sued. Can’t do that with Batman!

    • I was pleasantly surprised at how well it came out. One of the things that helped with the recording is, oddly, the reason why we’re buying new microphones: the Yeti is exceptionally sensitive (now there’s a mental image).

      The room in which we record is not soundproofed, so we pick up ambient noise from outside, as well as echoes in the room itself. Happily in this situation we wanted to pick up sound from a couple of dozen yards away, so it all worked for the best!

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