The Good Friends peddle their wares

18 December, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that our good friend and talented artist, John Ossoway, has come up with two wonderful designs that are now for sale via our store at

The first is a rather fetching, twenties-styled logo that allows you to declare your friendship with Jackson Elias to the world.

Say it loud, say it proud!

Say it loud, say it proud!

The second takes Scott’s ‘WhenAttractFishGoesWrong’ hashtag (click here to see this in action over on G+) to its hideous conclusion. John produced two versions of this design, one with a coloured, oceanic background, and one with none at all.

Attract Fish Tee

As well as T-shirts you’ll also find tote bags, notepads, mugs and various other paraphernalia.

We’re new to this, so we’d appreciate any comments you have about our merchandising and using the Redbubble site.

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5 comments on “The Good Friends peddle their wares

  1. Just bought a Jackson Elias Coffee Mug!!!
    I’ll be the envy of my office!

  2. Why isn’t the Attract Fish tee available as a black tee?

  3. Oh, it is – you have to pick the white tee to get the black tee. I see what you are doing here…

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