We’re back, and we’re looking at the two Clive Barker feature films that aren’t Hellraiser. We have nothing against Pinhead and his cruel crew of sadomasochistic sybarites (just trying to say that is a torture that would no doubt arouse them), but Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions deserve some unwholesome love too.

nightbreed 3

And it won’t be any less painful.

Since coming to widespread attention in 1984 with his Books of Blood, Barker’s lasting careers have been as a novelist, short story writer and artist. For several years in the late eighties and early nineties, however, he was also a Hollywood film director, adapting his own work for the screen. He had directed a couple of shorts in the UK in the early eighties (Salom√© and The Forbidden), but his later features were of a grander scale. Unfortunately, he only made three such films before bringing his directorial career to an end.

lord 3

Not quite as spectacularly as this, though.

This is another long episode, and we’re beginning to doubt the wisdom of talking about two films at once. Discussing one would certainly keep things shorter and more focused. We also wondered if it might make the conversation easier to follow, as the spoiler break means that we cut back-and-forth a bit. If you have any opinions on this, please let us know!

lord 1

Muttering answers in your sleep will be fine. We’ll be there to hear them.

We’ve had another surge of Patreon backers since the last episode, allowing us to buy the fancy new recording gear we’ve been talking about for a while. We’re expecting delivery just before Christmas, and will post pictures as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who made this possible! We have recorded a bunch of shout-outs for this episode, including another attempt at singing. This one may have crossed a line. Please don’t judge us! Shane made us do it.

nightbreed 1

“Make it stop!”

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