New audio file for episode 71

4 February, 2016

Jackson Elias

Following feedback about the latest episode from a number of listeners, we’ve edited the audio file to balance the levels better, and changed it to mono. It seems that having Paul speaking to you from the centre of your skull can be disconcerting. Maybe it would be less so if he didn’t insist on tickling your pineal gland.

If you haven’t already downloaded episode 71, you should pick up the new version automatically. If you have already downloaded the old version, and want to get the new one, you can either delete it and grab it again via your podcast app or download it directly from here.

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback! Getting used to the new gear is a learning experience, and we want to make sure we do the best possible job of producing the podcast. We’ll make sure subsequent episodes are mixed the same way from now on to save all this messing around.

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2 comments on “New audio file for episode 71

  1. Andreas Davour Feb 4, 2016

    But! But! Where did the wonderful feeling of being in the room with you go? Sure, evening the signal levels is one thing, but the glorious stereo I really miss! :(

  2. Thanks Andreas – I like it too, but it presented issues for some listeners, especially those that listened on one ear while at work. I’m going to experiment with a lessened stereo mix on the next show.

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