We’re back, and we’re taking a look at David Lynch‘s 2006 film, INLAND EMPIRE. This is a strange, strange film, even by Lynch’s standards, and unravelling it almost proved too much for the three of us. Happily we were able to draft in some extra help, in the eldritch form of Call of Cthulhu line editor and fellow Lynch fan, Mike Mason.


Artist’s impression.

INLAND EMPIRE is not a film that lends itself to being summarised, so we took a different approach this time. Each of us chose a few scenes, characters or other elements that impressed us and tried to explain why. The order in which we discuss the scenes is not quite the same as that in which they appear in the film, but this seems oddly appropriate.


Follow us this way for a full explanation.

As ever, we take time to discuss elements we can steal for gaming, and INLAND EMPIRE proved a surprisingly rich source of inspiration. Short of serving magic mushroom pizza to our players, however, nothing is likely to have quite the same impact as the film itself.


Or maybe playing some kind of rabbit-themed LARP.

Be warned: there is a lot of singing in this episode. The good news is that Mike has had training in this kind of thing, and tried to lead us into new areas of musical expression. The bad news is that this doesn’t mean that the rest of us have learned how to sing.


“Brutal fucking murder on the ears.”

Our recent cut-off for The Blasphemous Tome issue 1 inspired a record number of Patreon backers. We have had to stagger our thanks somewhat to avoid giving half the episode over to shout-outs. Rest assured that the rest will be in the next episode, along with more singing. Still no death-metal ukulele, though.

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2 comments on “INLAND EMPIRE

  1. Oh, good choice! I’ve not managed to ‘crack’ Inland Empire myself. I hang my hopes on The Good Friends of Jackson Elias Deluxe Edition.

    • I think INLAND EMPIRE cracked us instead. We have some theories, but every time we try to convey them, they come out in Polish.

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