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16 March, 2016

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We now have a shiny new page on the site that gathers our iTunes reviews from across the globe and puts them all in one place.

It’s wonderful to see how many people have taken the time to write positive reviews, and we are grateful to all of you!

If anyone else is moved to share your thoughts in the form of a review, we would love to see it! Just pop over to the Apple site or fire up your iTunes client and let us know what you think.

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2 comments on “iTunes review page

  1. Danial Mar 16, 2016

    You’d have a perfect 5-star rating if it wasn’t for the dastardly Australian in your midsts *he says, nervously feigning a chuckle* 🙂

    • It’s all right. We don’t hold grudges. And that eerie whistling noise outside your window is nothing to worry about…

      But seriously, the points you made in your review were good ones and gave us a lot to think about. We really are grateful!

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