Call of Cthulhu Explained – Part 1: Creating an Investigator (video)

1 June, 2016

Following up on the short series of five videos for the Call of Cthulhu Quick-Start Rules, Paul has made what will hopefully be the first of many videos exploring the new 7th Edition rules.

If you are new to Call of Cthulhu, the Quick-Start Rules are a great place to start – you can get a copy here. The accompanying videos are each short and fast-paced, and if you have trouble catching what’s said, then click on the Youtube closed captions button (cc). Thanks should also be given to Ishii Tomoki for translating the subtitles into Japanese – you can find the Japanese versions here.

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2 comments on “Call of Cthulhu Explained – Part 1: Creating an Investigator (video)

  1. Nice video Paul, thanks for making it (I guess you solved your ‘rendering error #50’). Watching this made me realise that I had been allocating points to Credit Rating incorrectly, So I’m glad you posted it!

    Well worth watching if you’re going to play Call of Cthulhu, whether you are a player or Keeper, no matter what your familiarity with the 7th ed. rules are.

  2. angelaketty1989 Nov 17, 2016

    nice video.

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