We’re back and we’re ransacking lost temples, mouldering tombs and forbidden ruins to bring you things man was not meant to know. Our searches have uncovered a number choice Mythos artefacts to share with you. Specifically, that number is three. As we discovered in issue one of The Blasphemous Tome, our previous Top Three countdowns have really been Top Nines. The premise has proved just as much of a lie as the Lovecraftian Word of the Week being weekly.


“And here’s the special filter we use to replace the word fortnight with week in every introduction…”

Happily, the scarcity of Mythos artefacts has forced us to be honest this episode. There really are only three entries. We could have included tomes or the products of human mad science, but we decided to save those for future episodes. The items we have selected are all guaranteed 100% alien, eldritch and unwholesome. The ISO number for this certification proved to be a glyph that turned our eyes inside out and made everything taste of rubber.

From Beyond 2

It’s done wonders for our pineal glands too.

As cutting our choices threefold leaves us with more time, we spend of it some talking about what makes an artefact interesting, and how we might use them in our games. We had planned to create an artefact between us, but we ran out of time. We should have chosen a piece of Yithian technology that creates more of it.


This item, for example, can make the passing of 90 minutes feel like bloody days.

We have another installment of our not-so-new segment, Ask Jackson. I keep referring to it as new, and Paul has taken to correcting me. He is a year younger than me, and thus much better equipped to deal with change. This question comes from the Uncaring Cosmos, whose excellent blog about Lovecraftian horror gaming I promised to link to. And now I have.

Uncaring Cosmos

Oh, and there is singing in this episode. Oh dear God, the singing. Three more brave and generous souls have backed us on Patreon at the $5 level, so we are singing their praises. Well, we are making out voices do things that sound unlike normal human speech. That is as close as we can get.

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9 comments on “Mythos Artefacts

  1. The singing reminds me of the ‘lullabies’ sung by the the Mobile Nuclear Reactor Demon in the ‘Mad Love’ game of Sorcerer…

  2. Alas…yet another GenCon without your attendance Scott? Yes…I realize what the main crux of the episode is…but this is what I focused on most! LOL.. But what’s this I heard..Matt is not attending? Indianapolis’s economy will not be the same….GeCon dealers will have to close down for the loss in sales this year!

    • I know! Now that Matt’s a married man, he doesn’t have the free money for the annual pilgrimage. Still, we may all make it out to Necronomicon next year.

      • It is a lot of money just for a Con trip (even when not married haha). It would cost the same amount for me to get there from Australia. The difference is, it would take 38hrs! 😮

  3. You should let Matt know that the Crystallizers of Dreams do, in fact, have a description in the Keeper’s Companion, Vol. 1. Besides describing the artifact and its use, it also says:

    “These items have a down side in the form of the Elder God Hypnos, the Lord of
    Sleep, whose aids these are. He takes offense if anyone uses his Crystallizers. Every
    time a particular person does, there is a cumulative 1D10% chance that doing so attracts
    the Lord of Sleep’s attention. Once Hypnos notices, he sends forth the guardians of the
    Crystallizers of Dreams. These strange creatures are charged with returning these artifacts
    to their god and punishing the possessor(s). Guardian punishment is long, and
    makes death look appealing in comparison.”

  4. I think Chris should have to make a Luck Roll to avoid the Eldritch Warblings of Jackson Elias. If he has to push his Luck Roll and fails, then he must suffer consequences (+ the resulting SAN loss).

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