Pelgrane Press Limited Editions

3 May, 2017

Hello everyone,

If there’s anyone out there like myself that likes a good Limited Edition, you might be interested to know that Pelgrane Press have opened up a section on their web-store for their remaining Limited Editions (here’s a link for you – just click the “Limited Editions” drop down). As of the time of posting, they’ve sold out of Hillfolk and Dreamhounds of Paris.

This means I’ve finally been able to fill a couple of holes in my collection, so I’m a rather happy completist at the moment! The current collection (no doubt to expand as more titles come out) is below. Enjoy!


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2 comments on “Pelgrane Press Limited Editions

  1. Steve Dempsey May 4, 2017

    Which Bookhounds name do you have? I’ve got Cacophonous I think.

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