Paul attended the UK Games Expo in Birmingham recently. While he was there, he took part in a seminar about running horror games, with Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy. Unfortunately, neither Matt nor Scott could make it, but we were there in spirit.

If you squint hard enough, you can see our astral forms pulling faces behind Paul’s back.

We recently bought a Zoom H6 Handy Recorder to make it easier for us to record field pieces at conventions. This seminar was its first official outing and we were rather pleased with the results. Expect to hear more from it when we visit Necronomicon in Providence later this year.

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6 comments on “Special: UK Games Expo 2017

  1. Living in Australia, I’ve never had the opportunity to go to a Con, so it was great getting to hear this. Thanks. Passing on some of my limited knowledge, other OB recordings I’ve listened to get around the lack of audience audio by simply repeating the question, so hopefully that helps on your next outing :)

    • Good tip, thanks!

      Are there no local gaming cons in Australia, or is it just difficult getting to them with the country being so spread out?

      • Danial Carroll Jun 22, 2017

        I think I’ve heard of some in Melbourne, but I live near Brisbane, which is a 2.5hr flight away which is about $250… without accommodation etc.

    • I like it when the panel repeat the question for the benefit of audience members (or listeners) who might have missed it – but totally forgot to do it when I was there! Will try to remember next time.

      • Although there is a certain satisfaction to making up ridiculous questions in your head that have nothing to do with the answers given. It has a kind of ligotti-esque quality to it.

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