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We’re back and we’re giving the wheel of misfortune another spin. In our earlier R’lyeh Roulette episodes — 37 and 60 — we rolled for random spells from the spreadsheet that would one day become The Grand Grimoire of Mythos Magic. This time we’re using the Malleus Monstorum as our roulette wheel, rolling for random Lovecraftian monsters. Our format is unchanged, however. We improvise a variety of scenario seeds based on the results, trying to find unusual ways to use these monsters. Some of the ideas we come up with may not exactly be canon, but they amuse us.

The suggestion for this topic came from Danial Carroll, over on our Google+ Community. Danial has a special affection for Lovecraftian monsters. You may recognise him as the creator of the Brawl of Cthulhu blog, where he discusses all the entries in the Malleus Monstorum. If you like monsters (and who doesn’t?) then you should find plenty of wriggly inspiration there.


In our news segment, we share some further details of our programme at Necronomicon this week. In addition to the events we mentioned last episode, we will be signing books at the Chaosium stand between 3-4 PM on Saturday the 19th. We will also be in New York City on the 21st of August, signing books at The Compleat Strategist between 4;30 and 6 PM. If you are in the area and would like to meet up, please come along. Alternatively, if you’d like to meet us for a drink or a meal, drop us a line to make alternative arrangements.

We mention that Matt has arranged to run his Intersections mini-campaign from the World War Cthulhu: Cold War core book for the Into the Darkness crew. Scott is also in the process of running his Blackwater Creek scenario from the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Keeper Screen pack for the players at the How We Roll podcast. We will let you know when the recordings are available and link to them from our Actual Play page.

Speaking of actual play, Marty Jopson has been running The Two-Headed Serpent and posting it online. The AP recording themselves are only accessible to patrons of, Marty has, however, filmed a series of videos about his experience of running the game, called The Keeper Diaries, and made them publicly accessible. The most recent diary includes an interview with Mike Mason about Pulp Cthulhu. Marty has also interviewed Paul about the opening chapter and will talk to Matt and Scott as their chapters come up. Be warned — these videos are spoiler-heavy and designed for people running the campaign.

The final bit of news is Chaosium have released the PDF version of Kevin Ross’s Down Darker Trails. This is a setting supplement for Call of Cthulhu detailing eldritch horrors in the Old West. Paul worked on the book, updating the text to 7th edition and fleshing out the content. The print edition should be out later in the year.

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And monsters aren’t the only terrors you’ll find in this episode. We also sing. If you’re wondering why we sing, we ask ourselves the same question all the time. The horrible and unbelievable truth is that people have asked us to do so. When a brave and generous person pledges to back the podcast at the $5 level on Patreon, we commemorate them through song. Given our complete lack of any musical talent, the ongoing success of this confuses us as much as it does the rest of you. Once again, we have built up a small backlog of people to sing to, but have limited ourselves to two songs per episode. There will be more next time.

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2 comments on “R’lyeh Roulette III: Monster Madness

  1. Hey Guys, another great episode as always. Is your “contact us” option working? I sent you a message a couple of weeks ago but I’m not sure you’ve received it. I checked the “send me a copy” box and didn’t get one either.

    Please advise


    • Apologies, Pete. I keep configuring Gmail not to file forwards from the contact form in my Updates folder and it keeps resetting somehow. Expect a reply from me soon.

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