Necronomicon 2017 live recording with the Miskatonic University Podcast

Our recent visit to the Necronomicon convention in Providence was a blur of wonders. One of the highlights was finally getting to meet our friends from the Miskatonic University Podcast in the suspiciously waxy flesh. While there, we merged our podcasts like two pulsating balls of protoplasm and created something unhallowed. This recording is the result.

The main topic we settled on was “How to make your game more Lovecraftian”. We split into teams of two and tackled various aspects of the discussion, including settings, themes and monsters. Of course, we digressed significantly, but I think we still got to the ripe meat of the main question.

All that almost felt anticlimactic after the puppet show, however. Yes, you will be listening to Keeper Chad performing with a variety of strange, semi-human simulacra. Supply your own punchline. His talk is lively and informative, and worth hearing even without the visual component.

And speaking of puppets, while Jon Hook was unable to join us in person, he still managed to manifest in a suitably disturbing manner. I have suggested that even if he is available next time, Chad should still be charged with operating Jon’s jaw.

Many thanks to Derek Robertson, Tim McGonagle and Adam Alexander for sharing their photographs of the event. Thank you also to Mike Mason for chairing the discussion. And, most of all, thank you very much to everyone who came to see us at the event! See you again in 2019!

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4 comments on “Special: Necronomicon 2017 with the Miskatonic University Podcast

  1. Halfway through the Podcast. It is extremely distracting as the sound keeps jumping around from what sounds like it was recorded in an auditorium(which definitely seems to be the case) to a studio dub. All this is very distracting to follow for the listener as it doesn’t appear to all be recorded during the same live broadcast. Plus it seems that parts were edited out and so I feel I came in the middle of s discussion rather than hearing the entire discussion. I would love to hear the unedited version as i think I would get more out if it that way.

  2. Hi there – you’re absolutely right about problems with the sound! I did my best with to enhance it.

    Like you say, there are a few instances where I added an ‘audio description’ for the listener, as I felt it might help – I’m sorry if it provided more of a distraction. The audience questions are edited in from another recording, so there is a difference in sound quality there for sure.

    Overall though, I’ve not edited anything out. If you really want our unedited version we could make that available!

  3. Paul…looks like I’ve been listening to the episode from the Miskatonic U feed….I will give yours a listen then.

  4. Ah! Yes, two different recordings. Do let me know how ours works out for you.

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