We’re back — well, sort of. For the first time since we moved to a regular fortnightly schedule, some 2 1/2 years ago, we are unable to put out a full episode. I’ve been a bit ill recently, which has made it difficult for us to meet and record. We normally have a stockpile of episodes for such eventualities, but we’ve used them all up. Barring catastrophe, we will meet this weekend to record two new episodes, one of which will go out next week. This means we should still manage two proper episodes this month. Apologies if you are one of the recent backers we haven’t managed to thank yet. There will be songs next week! To tide you over until then, here’s the last of the special episodes we recorded at Necronomicon 2017.

This is the panel discussion about favourite Call of Cthulhu scenarios. Paul is joined by Chad Bouchard (AKA Keeper Chad of the Miskatonic University Podcast), Christopher Smith Adair (regular Call of Cthulhu scenario writer) and Badger McInnes. Once again, Mike Mason moderates. Each panellist chooses their favourite published scenario and explains what makes it so good. I shan’t spoil the surprises for you, but let’s just say that the choices are pleasingly eclectic.

Well, there are a fair few to choose from.

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5 comments on “Special: Necronomicon 2017 Call of Cthulhu Scenarios

  1. Another very enjoyable recording from the 2017 NecronomiCon. Extremely diverse picks from the panellists (and from the audience) it would be interesting to hear a repeat of this in a year or two to see if the panellists would pick different scenarios, especially in light of the amount of Call of Cthulhu material coming out at the moment (and in the past couple of years).

    I was pleased to hear Mike mention one of Marcus Rowland’s scenarios, even though that particular scenario (Bad Moon Rising) does suffer particularly badly from lacking player agency. I think that Marcus’ writings, in the ‘White Dwarf’ era especially, were important to the ‘UK Cthulhu scene’, prior to the 1990’s.

    Nice to hear call-outs for ‘Dead Light’ and ‘Paper Chase’ too – I love my 3rd (Games Workshop) rule book.

  2. Gavigan Oct 17, 2017

    Hi, how do I get my hands on Grace Under Pressure? Printed or pdf. Thanks!

  3. I think that maybe an eBay job unless anyone knows better?

  4. Gavigan Oct 18, 2017

    Got it in pdf, thanks for a great podcast 🙂

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