Just when you (well, maybe just Scott) thought it was safe to hide in the dark – where you thought the darkness could save your eyes from the plushy horrors – something has come to ruin your best laid plans…

The C is for Cthulhu Glow-in-the-Dark Plush is here!

This one’s a pretty short Kickstarter, only running for 10 days (until Saturday June 22nd 2019). At the time of posting, they’ve reached their funding goal.

There’s two size of glow-in-the-dark plushes on offer this time – the usual 12-inch high version to match the normal ones, and the smaller 6-inch high version in line with the baby versions they produced in their last Kickstarter.

This was initially announced a few Kickstarter’s ago, but production went through a few variations before they finally got what they were looking for. This one doesn’t have an internal light, it’s the fabric that glows all by itself.

As with other Kickstarters from the same team, they’re running a caption contest due to close this week (June 19th) with the prize being a free Jumbo Cthulhu plush (not the GIANT one that we terrorized Scott with some time ago, but one that’s about 24-inches tall).

If there’s anything else you wanted from previous Kickstarters you may have missed, there’s a whole bunch of add-ons available too.

Enjoy 😉

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3 comments on “Kickstarter Update: June 2019

  1. Matt..you’ve just fed into my Kickstarter addiction once again!!!! LOL actually this will make a great gift for my Granddaughter as I want to corrupt…I mean introduce here to the Cthulhu myth is and this will be a great start!

    • Pardon my typos…IPhone and too early for me….and I can’t type…and damn autocorrect. But you get the gist of my post.

      • Matthew Sanderson Jun 19, 2019

        Hello there! Sounds like a great present for a little cultist 🙂 Kickstarter addition has done terrible things to my bank account in recent years – but these are definitely worth it…even if it’s just to see the look on Scott’s face when I turn up with one when we get together to record!

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