The Kult: Divinity Lost kickstarter came to an end on March 31st 2016. Back at the start of the campaign, I put up a blog post mentioning I’d pledged for the Demiurge edition, a unique copy of the rulebook. At the time, it was only advertised as a question mark, with not even a mock-up presented. Well, yesterday (1218 days after the campaign ended), it arrived! It is a question mark no longer.

This edition has been produced by El Artesano Del Rey, the Spanish company that also produced the Luxury Edition of Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition. The leather is soft to the touch, slightly scuffed in places (along the edges of the covers, and the raised sections of the hubbed spine, etc.), giving it a “used” or “older” feel, and the front cover features a very shiny metal plate riveted in place with the Kult logo laser-etched, along with the Archon/Tree of Life design. This in turn is surrounded by another “thorny” metal plate, and extra rivets on the spine between the hubs. It is reminiscent, in a way of the Iron Book from the Kult setting. The two satin bookmarks are definitely helpful – I end up bookmarking the copy I use to run games with in several places.

The back is featureless, other than having the El Artesano Del Rey stamp towards the bottom-left corner.

The edges are in red, and when fanned still reveal the same “death is only the beginning” text as the other editions do (with the exception of the Bible Edition). I still think that’s an amazing touch to the design of the book!

The interior is the same as the other main Kickstarter editions (yep, more genitalia per square inch than you’ll find in the normal retail editions!) with the addition of a gold embossed El Artesano Del Rey label on the title page. It’s quite stiff to open due to the nature of the binding, so I didn’t want to force it open too much.

Having the same content, as mentioned, also means that I get to smile when I get to the first of the backer pages. It’s a fine title to have 🙂

Along with the book comes a couple of certificates and a papyrus sheet featuring the Archon/Tree of Life design again. As I don’t speak Spanish, I don’t know what the certificates say, but I can work out one of them confirms this is number “1 of 1”.

While it’s a very nice book indeed, it’s not quite what I was expecting (unlike the pledge description, I didn’t actually get a say in the production in the end, which was a little disappointing, but I think I would have gone for the same choice of leather as it’s so nice to touch), but it’s definitely a unique volume in composition and quality compared to the rest of my collection.

In my mind, I was hoping for some heavier-grade paper, so the book would be thicker (a bit like the Temple Edition was for Call of Cthulhu) and the cover to have featured the pyramid/eye design representing the Demiurge that was used in the recent Kult tarot deck. I kind of wish the metal plates had been sunk into the cover (a bit like the Orichalcum Edition of Exalted 3rd Edition), as that would look a lot nicer, and I wouldn’t worry so much about it scratching anything around it. However, it’s definitely growing on me and I’m happy to have been able to get it. Like I said, who wouldn’t want “the Iron Book” after all?

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5 comments on “The Demiurge Edition

  1. Patrick Sandoval Aug 2, 2019

    Matt, did you ever get your own adventure with the pledge?

    • Matthew Sanderson Aug 2, 2019

      Hello there! Not yet, but I have been in touch with them about it a few months back. So far, the process has been that they asked me for a list of elements that I wanted to see in the scenario (among others, I wanted a scenario set in the Dream Worlds, one ruled by a particular Dream Prince) and other elements that I didn’t want to be included (combat… I was tempted to put it in big capital letters, unsurprisingly!). They said they found the selection pretty interesting, and then they passed it over to one of their in-house writers. A few months later, I got an email with a general outline of the scenario idea they’d come up with based on my choices. It sounds exactly like the kind of thing I’d like to play and run, so now just waiting for them to write the whole thing up. Eagerly awaiting its arrival – at which point, I believe I’ll have everything I pledged for during the Kickstater 🙂

  2. Wait a minute … you says doesn’t understand Spanish, let’s help a little:

    First document: The craftsman of the King (logo), LIMITED EDITION CERTIFICATE …
    (indecipherable text)
    Name: (indecipherable text)
    (indecipherable text)
    (indecipherable text) A.R.

    Second text:
    The craftsman of the King (logo)
    Somewhere in Spain,
    whose name I don’t want to remember,
    is find the “Craftsman of the King”
    that with care and love
    work endlessly
    the most fantastic
    leather bindings,
    wonderful maps and
    all that our mercy
    you can imagine.

    • Matthew Sanderson Aug 12, 2019

      Many thanks! Nicely poetic 🙂 I wish I could speak another language. I know enough German to apologise that my grasp of the language isn’t great, and how to order/pay for beer… So, the essentials really!

  3. Curtis Takahashi Dec 17, 2019

    Nice! I wish I had gone with that. Got the game based on your description. I didn’t know about the fanning thing. I’ll have to check it out!

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