We’re back and we’re still boring. That is to say, we’re drilling down through layers of ancient rock in search of even more ancient secrets. And it’s pretty dull. We’re sure there’s not going to be anything down there that challenges our notions of history and the nature of humanity. Probably just fossils. Yup. Everything’s going to be fine…

Main Topic: At the Mountains of Madness part 2

This is the second part of our expedition through Lovecraft’s short novel, At the Mountains of Madness. Our Antarctic journey is going to be a long one. Now that we’ve actually recorded all the episodes, we can safely reveal that there are going to be five installments in total. This will take us up to the end of November, when the weather in the Northern Hemisphere should start becoming inspirational. Brrrr.


Things we mention in this episode include:


The Blasphemous Tome issue 5

We have started work on issue 5 of The Blasphemous Tome. This is the print-only fanzine we produce exclusively for our Patreon backers. Once again, this issue will feature a new scenario for Call of Cthulhu, written by our own Matt Sanderson, along with plenty of other juicy articles, stories and artwork. If you have any short pieces of prose (no more than 500 words) or black-and-white art you would to submit, please send it our way!

Concrete Cow 19 1/2

Paul and Matt recently attended the Concrete Cow convention in Milton Keynes and share some of their experiences in this episode. If you missed the convention this time, you can always come along to Concrete Cow 20 on the 14th of March 2020.

Other Stuff


How the dogs at Lake’s camp howled when they caught the scent of the ancient and not-quite-dead horrors their master had unearthed. In contrast, we howl with pure joy at our two new $5 Patreon backers. We do mention that one of them, Amber Reeves, turns nightmares into exquisite jewellery. Unfortunately, we have since learnt that she has shut down her shop front. If she reopens it, we shall be sure to tell you.

The pendant we mentioned.
And here’s a little snippet of how we recorded it. No news on how the vacuum cleaner is faring now.


Once again, we have a lovely new review to share, this time from Dalex D Diddlesticks in Australia. If you feel inspired to write a review of your own — whether on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you might find podcasts — we would be delighted!

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