We’re back and we’re poking around this hole in the ground we discovered. Some more experienced adventurers told us to be prepared, so we have a 10-foot pole, 50 foot of rope and all the lamp oil we can carry. We weren’t quite sure what iron rations are, so we hope we can get by with sucking on a handful of nails. With any luck, this means we’re now prepared for any eventuality.

All these mentions of dragons were metaphorical, right?

Main Topic: The Appeal of D&D

Dungeons & Dragons may seem a little off-topic for a horror podcast, but we stand by our decision. As Paul is so fond of reminding us, it’s where all the other games we love ultimately came from. Our discussion mainly takes the form of a highly subjective exploration of what we do and don’t like about D&D, and some thoughts about its longevity and recent renaissance. And a lot of it is just Matt complaining.

Save versus kvetching


Some of the things we mention in this episode include:


Merry Christmas!

OK, not exactly news, but still topical. We would like to wish the maximum safe level of festive cheer to all our listeners! And try not to worry about those strange noises coming from your chimney.

This year, everyone is on Santa’s naughty list.

The Blasphemous Tome issue 5

At the time of posting, you have a week left to secure your copy of issue 5 of The Blasphemous Tome. All you need to do is back us on Patreon before the end of the year.

The Tome is the print-only fanzine we produce exclusively for our Patreon backers. This issue features a new scenario for Call of Cthulhu, called “Number 22”, written by very our own Matt Sanderson. You will also find plenty of other juicy articles, stories and artwork, including many contributions from our wonderful listeners!

Other Stuff


This episode represents a landmark in the history of the Good Friends. As we’ve mentioned before, we are discontinuing the songs we sing to new Patreon backers. The final such song can be heard in this episode. As much fun as they have been to do, it has become progressively harder not to get stale. Also, we really can’t sing. Thank you to everyone we have sung to over the years and we hope that you can forgive us.

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