This last week has been one of the weirdest any of us can remember. Almost everyone we know has quarantined themselves from the COVID-19 outbreak and is trying to adjust to social isolation. As a result, we’ve been working out what we can do to help keep you entertained while all this is happening.

The main thing is that we’re going to keep putting out episodes following our regular schedule. We will, however, have to record remotely for a while. You may notice something of a change in audio quality until things get back to normal. This is all very new to us.

We are also going to do a few extra things for our Patreon backers. For a start, we’re going to resurrect the backer chats. It’s been far too long since we last held one.

After some research, it seems Crowdcast best meets our requirements. It allows us to host video livestreams with audience participation and record them for those who can’t attend at the time.

Our plan is to hold the first of these new backer chats on Saturday the 28th of March, probably in the evening, UK time. We will send out specific details soon via Patreon.

The big news is that we will put out extra episodes for Patreon backers while this crisis continues. These will go out on the off-weeks, when there’s no standard release. They will be slightly different from normal episodes — more informal chats, with only some light editing. We plan to release the first one on the 7th of April. Watch your Patreon feeds for details.

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3 comments on “Our plans for the next few months

  1. Anthony Mar 22, 2020

    thanks for this bit of good news. I just upped my pledge limit as a gesture of support. Hang in there until the good friends of the good friends can find our ichorous trails!

  2. caddy1071 Apr 6, 2020

    A bit late, but thanks for continuing to provide your podcast gold during the crisis! We are all raring to hear our Good Friends in whatever medium is available – thanks for your hard work on the podcast – you guys, rock!

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