We’re back and we’re joining a cult. It’s OK — we’re just doing so to get some background on Sound of My Voice. We’re not so gullible as to let any cult leader talk us into doing something unwise. Our reasons for strapping you to this altar are, um, completely our own. Now, stop squirming.

Main Topic: Sound of My Voice

Following our run of episodes about cults, we thought we’d follow up with a look at a related film. Sound of My Voice is a 2011 independent production from Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling. Regardless of what Matt may tell you, this is an ambiguous story about a cult leader who claims to have come back from 2054 to prepare the faithful for the dark world to come. While it’s not a horror film, it does present an interesting view of life inside a weird cult. That has to be good for some Call of Cthulhu inspiration. This may also be the most divisive film we’ve discussed since Repulsion.

Once again, the lockdown means we recorded this episode remotely. We think we’re getting the hang of this.


Things we mention in this episode include:


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One comment on “Sound of My Voice

  1. A small detail in the “Sound of My Voice,” that you hadn’t mentioned: near the end of the film when Peter tells Klaus that he’s willing to abduct Abigail, Klaus is sitting at a laboratory bench, extracting apple seeds with a forceps and placing them on a petri dish. I took this to (possibly) hint that the seeds might be used to produce cyanide (potentially for a Jonestown scenario).

    Another possibility, regarding Carol, is that she’s part of another cult; or that she too has traveled backyard in time (perhaps how she knows about Maggie’s future child-abduction) and is trying to interfere with whatever Maggie or her cult is going to do.

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