We’re back and we’re knee-deep in letters. It’s all very well communicating with strangers via columns in the local press but sometimes you need the intimacy of personal correspondence. This is especially true when exchanging dangerous secrets about the nature of the universe. Sadly, even the postal service can’t always be trusted. Sure, they say that our parcels were stolen by sinister forces, but why can’t these aliens ever take our junk mail while they’re at it?

Main Topic: The Whisperer in Darkness part 2

This is the second instalment of our multi-episode investigation of Lovecraft’s classic weird tale, “The Whisperer in Darkness”. Part one offered some background to the story and a poke around the first chapter. This time, events are in full swing and tension is building!

Once again, the pandemic means we recorded this episode remotely. We have each forgotten what the others look like. These are strange times.


Things we mention in this episode include:


October Horror Movie Challenge

Scott and Paul have been taking part in the October Horror Movie Challenge this year, watching a horror film every day throughout the month. We share a few of our favourites in the episode. You can also find Scott’s reviews on this very website.

The Blasphemous Tome 6

Issue 6 of The Blasphemous Tome is almost ready for layout. This is the print-only fanzine we put out every year for our Patreon backers. It is licensed by Chaosium and contains material for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. In particular, this issue features a new scenario by our own Paul Fricker, called “Operation Varsity, or How to Get Ahead in World War 2”.

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One comment on “The Whisperer in Darkness part 2

  1. CthulhuBob Nov 11, 2020

    Wow, blown away by Matt’s rapid, and perfectly pronounced, listing of a bazzion gods–ending in Magnum inomijngfd uff ar. But of course, he does pronounce Migo correctly, so I’m not surprised.

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