Our special Christmas treat continues!

Good friend of the Good Friends, Mike Perceval-Maxwell, has organised a week of readings of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol on our Discord server. He is joined by guest readers Dom Allen and Rina Haenze, along with Paul Fricker and Scott Dorward. Together, we have voiced Dickens’ classic festive tale, presented here in a form abridged by Dickens himself.

The readings will conclude tonight (Thursday the 17th of December) at 10 PM GMT on our Discord server. Please come and join us is you can!

You can find part 1 and part 2 of the reading on this very site.

So pull up a seat, carve yourself some goose, and join Tiny Tim’s heartfelt blessing as we enter the next stage of Ebeneezer Scrooge’s strange journey to redemption…

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing” performed by A-M Classical is used here under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

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