We’re back and we’re turning 200. Please be gentle. We’re tired and our feet hurt.

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Main Topic: Ask Us Anything

This is our big 200th episode celebration! Somehow, we’ve managed to keep the podcast going for 7 1/2 years, racking up a frightening number of hours of our words. Once you count all the special episodes, backer-only specials, story readings and the like, the total is probably closer to 250 episodes, but we’ll only count the full releases. It saves confusing ourselves even more than usual.

We thought we might celebrate this milestone by opening ourselves up to interrogation by our listeners. You sent in something like 200 questions via Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit and Patreon. We had to narrow this down to a dozen or so, otherwise we might still be recording this episode. Our audience proxy, asking your questions in his own voice, is Mike Mason, creative director for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Thank you again to cuppycup of the wonderful Ain’t Slayed Nobody podcast for his help in salvaging some damaged audio from this recording session!

Once again, the pandemic means we recorded this episode remotely. We’re getting used to this.


Things we mention in this 200th episode include:


The Surrey Enigma on Grizzly Peaks Radio

Scott has been guesting on Andy Goodman’s wonderful Grizzly Peaks Radio podcast. Andy has dug out another old marvel from the glory days of White Dwarf, in the form of “The Surrey Enigma” by Marcus L Rowland. Episodes should start appearing in your feeds soon. Prepare for bloody chaos and some turns of events that must have Enid Blyton turning in her grave.

News From Chaosium

Elder Gods willing, the slipcase edition of the Malleus Monstrorum should now be available in print across the globe. The revised, publicly available version of the former organised-play campaign A Time to Harvest should be available very soon as well.

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2 comments on “200th Episode Special: Ask Us Anything

  1. Anthony O’D Feb 5, 2021

    My good friends, I am not sure whether to feel embarrassed or appalled that I have listened to the show for so long, and so often, even repeatedly, that I could have guessed most of your answers! I was surprised that Scott had gotten rid of most of his gaming books, and did not know that he loved Mongolian hot pot. Though I’m not surprised by that. I just hope he has found sesame oil by now…and had no clue that Paul was a pineapple guy.

    I love the idea of an ‘annotated’ AP session. I’ve been looking for something like that on audio since forever. Hearing you three do it would be incredible.

    Congratulations on 200 episodes. Your podcast has been a great light in some very dark years for me. I will always be grateful for your company.

  2. Elina Mar 16, 2021

    Dear Scott, Matt and Paul,

    Thanks for the great podcast! To 200 more!

    It is great to be in someone’s greatest moments! Brought back amazing memories too. Thank you for running great games, all of you!

    As for the question whether a game has kept me up at night, it was after the online game of Lamp Posts in Bloom, that Scott run for us. My character had done something terrible in their background, and the game was so intense around that, that I was up until 4am feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and horror. That’s the sign of a great scenario. I blame Scott for all the bleed!

    All the best!

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