We’re back and we’re hitting the books. That’s probably not fair, though. Just because they’re full of boxing tales doesn’t mean they can hit back. And two-fisted stories don’t actually seem to have any fists of their own. We’re beginning to suspect that this fiction stuff is all made up.

Main Topic: The Works of Robert E Howard

This episode is the conclusion of our two-part look into the life and works of Robert E Howard. Last time, we offered an overview of Howard’s life. This time, it’s the turn of his work.

As well as being the creator of Conan the Cimmerian, Solomon Kane, Kull of Atlantis, and the Pictish king, Bran Mak Morn, Howard initiated both the sword and sorcery and weird western genres. In his sadly short career, Howard wrote horror, boxing yarns, comedies, historical adventures, and action stories. With the encouragement of his friend H P Lovecraft, he penned tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. And that’s without mentioning his voluminous poetry output. He was as versatile as he was prolific. While we cover the broad strokes of his career, we would need dozens of episodes just to catalogue his work. As a result, this is an incomplete and highly idiosyncratic summary of Howard’s career and legacy.

Our next episode wraps up this series by exploring one of Howard’s most famous stories, “The Tower of the Elephant”.

Robert E Howard


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2 comments on “The Works of Robert E Howard

  1. Several years ago I was sitting at a bar and I told my friend, who is much more well read than I, “I just ordered a collection of Conan stories and think it should be some dumb fun.” My friend admonished me and rightly said the original Conan doesn’t resemble the stupid Schwarzenegger version of the character at all, and that he was jealous that I was about to go on a wild ride.

    What I had purchased was the first of the Del Rey books and the Howard Conan short stories are amazing. I tore through the stories which are laid out as Howard wrote/published them and you see and feel Howard’s enthusiasm for the character grow and ebb. I love Howard’s pacing. I loved that ride, and at the end of the Del Rey series I really felt genuinely bad that Howard’s father hadn’t intervened and tried to help him with his depression. I think readers were robbed and Howard was evolving with his writing and we missed out on what might have been.

  2. You probably already know this, but Savage Sword of Conan (which was a large-format b&w magazine) came four years after the colour comic Conan the Barbarian by Roy Thomas and Barry Smith (Windsor added later).

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