Episode 222: Mythos Deities - Daoloth and Eihort

We’re back and we’re clearing out all those pesky veils. They just clutter up the place, getting in the way of seeing how things really are. Also, somehow, they make things feel less spongy. We try not to think about that bit too much. Regardless, one simple application of Daoloth will clear up even the most persistent veil outbreak. Daoloth – safe when used as directed.

Main Topic: Mythos Deities – Daoloth and Eihort

This is our latest exploration into the deities of the Cthulhu Mythos. We have devoted previous episodes to Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Hastur, Azathoth, Nodens, Ubbo-Sathla and Mordiggian, and Ithaqua. This time, it’s the turn of a couple of Ramsey Campbell’s creations.

Campbell is responsible for many of our favourite Mythos entities, so it’s long past time we turned our attention to him. His work deserves more than one episode, however, so this time we are limiting our focus to two of his more popular deities: Daoloth and Eihort. We plan to return to his deities some time next year.


Things we mention in this episode include:


Issue 8 of The Blasphemous Tome

Issue 8 of The Blasphemous Tome is almost ready to go to press. This is the semi-annual fanzine we produce for our Patreon backers. While we will send printed copies of the Tome to anyone backing us at the $5 level by the end of the year, you need to act fast if you’d like to receive one of our special Christmas cards as well. We shall only post these to people backing us before the end of November. Any later and our festive byakhee might pull a wing trying to get it to you before the solstice!

A Weekend With Good Friends 2022

Following the success of the first two conventions, our lovely listeners are organising another Weekend With Good Friends. This online convention will take place on our Discord server between the 18th and 20th of February 2022. There will be plenty of horror gaming goodness throughout, mainly Call of Cthulhu, but with many other systems on offer too. Last time, there were the best part of 150 games on offer, including pickup games.

We will keep you posted as things progress. For now, however, just keep that weekend clear!

a weekend with good friends logo small

Paul at Dragonmeet

Speaking of conventions, Paul will be attending Dragonmeet in London on the 4th of December this year. While there, he plans to sit on a panel about the forthcoming Rivers of London RPG with Ben Aaronovitch and Lynne Hardy, as well as a panel with our good friends from the Smart Party on a topic yet to be determined.

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