We’re back and we’re taking an almost Lovecraftian interest in architecture. While we’re suckers for a good gambrel roof, these blueprints for The Night House are far more compelling. The Welsh maze designs, the oddly reversed floorplans, and the classic Roman curios that adorn the place have quite captured us. We’re especially taken with the architect’s cunning use of negative space. And, best of all, it’s fitted with underfloor corpses! Truly, every modern convenience… Now, where the hell is the exit?

Main Topic: The Night House

This episode is our discussion of the 2020 horror film, The Night House. As ever, we offer a quick overview of the film’s background before picking it apart, looking for gaming inspiration. This is an unusual and creepy film and it offers plenty to spark our imaginations.

Things we mention in this episode include:


Issue 9 of The Blasphemous Tome

Issue 9 of The Blasphemous Tome is mere weeks away from release. This is the semi-annual fanzine we create for our wonderful Patreon backers. Once again, we have a brand new Call of Cthulhu scenario to offer you. This time, Paul Fricker takes you to 1880s New York City and invites you to “Step Into My Parlour”.

Covers of Tomes of yore

Cults of Cthulhu

And speaking of publications, Paul offers some first impressions of the new Cults of Cthulhu supplement from Chaosium, now out in print.

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One comment on “The Night House

  1. Chris Angelucci Jun 21, 2022

    I really enjoyed your episode on The Night House. I found the movie a little clunky plot-wise at the end, but enjoyed all the bits you mentioned.

    I wrote a while back recommending you review The Empty Man (2020 Dir. David Prior). It makes great fodder for a CoC scenario in ways I haven’t seen before. I can’t recommend it enough.

    I also just watched The Censor (2021 Dir. Prano Bailey-Bond) which details a woman’s descent into obsession and madness while searching for her long-lost sister. Setting is the Video Nasty era in the UK.

    Thanks for all your wonderful work.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Angelucci
    Philadelphia, PA

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