We’re back and we’re making like bookworms. This is easier than it might seem, given that bookworms don’t really eat books — just their bindings — and aren’t even worms. Then again, they don’t read much either, so maybe we need better role models. We’d give the whole thing up if this glue weren’t so tasty.

Main Topic: Media Catch-up – Books

This episode is the latest in our regular discussions of the media we’ve been consuming. Once again, we’re cracking open some books and letting their words run rampant across our minds.

Things we mention in this episode include:

The Trail of Cthulhu cover
Headhunter cover
A Sick Gray Laugh cover


Issue 9 of The Blasphemous Tome

There is still just time to secure your copy of issue 9 of The Blasphemous Tome. This is the semi-annual fanzine we create for our wonderful Patreon backers. Anyone backing us by the end of June 2022 will receive a PDF copy of the ‘zine and higher level backers will receive a print copy. See here for more details.

Once again, we have a brand new Call of Cthulhu scenario to offer you. This time, Paul Fricker takes you to 1880s New York City and invites you to “Step Into My Parlour”.

Covers of Tomes of yore

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