We’re back and we’re building up our hoards. All this loot is nice and shiny but it’s not especially comfortable. We wonder how dragons can sleep on their treasure without putting their backs out. Maybe they use orthopaedic coins. Even then, they must spend half their waking hours prying gemstones from delicate crevices.

Main Topic: Handling Loot

This episode is a broad discussion of the role of finances in RPGs. Whether it’s ensuring your investigator has the funds to go globetrotting or deciding what kinds of treasures to include in your scenarios, we delve into it here. As usual, the main focus is on Call of Cthulhu, but we explore how other RPGs handle loot and finances as well.

D&D players look at a hoard like this and see riches. Call of Cthulhu players too busy worrying what those green gems might hatch into…

Things we mention in this episode include:


Scott and Paul on the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Our good friends at the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast recently invited Paul and Scott to do story readings. Paul read extracts from “Lost Memory” by Peter Philips, while Scott delved into Joseph Payne Brennan’s “The Horror at Chilton Castle”. You can find these episodes on their podcast’s Patreon feed if you are a backer. Thank you again to Chris and Chad for inviting us!

The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Paul at UK Games Expo

Paul is not long back from this year’s UK Games Expo where he helped out on the Chaosium stand, selling new releases such as Cults of Cthulhu and A Time to Harvest. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi!

Write Your Own Adventure

The latest Write Your First Adventure course from The Storytelling Collective has just begun. This iteration covers Runequest scenarios as well as Call of Cthulhu. Our backers should check their Patreon feeds for a special discount code.

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