Episode 275

We’re back and we’re taking part in some self-reflection. It would just be a bit easier if our reflections didn’t keep changing. Maybe it’s inevitable once you get to a certain age. Your hairline starts receding, your face gets jowly, you develop gill slits on your neck… It’s enough to make you want to throw yourself in the ocean.

Main Topic: The Shadow Over Innsmouth part 5

This is the fifth part of our multi-episode exploration of HP Lovecraft’s classic weird tale, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”. Last time, we followed Robert Olmstead’s increasingly frantic departure from the town of Innsmouth.

This episode, we reach the end of the story. Olmstead now has time to process what he has seen and learnt. Of course, in true Lovecraftian fashion, that just makes things worse. Or does it? Strap yourself in for an extended debate about just what that ending means.

We’ll be back next time to wrap up our analysis of the story and to pick the bones for some gaming meat.

Things we mention in this episode include:

Thank you to our good friends at the HP Lovecraft Historical Society for their kindly allowing us to play out with “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fishmen”. You can find the song and many other upliftingly blasphemous wonders on their festive album, A Very Scary Solstice.


Christmas Story Reading on the Good Friends Discord

Once again, Mike Perceval-Maxwell of Mr Spike’s Bedtime Stories is organising a Christmas ghost story reading on the Good Friends Discord server. You may have heard our earlier performances of “A Christmas Carol”, “The Canterville Ghost” and “The Viy”. This year, we are reading “Told After Supper” by Jerome K Jerome.

Please join us if you can for the live readings at 22:30 GMT on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December. If you can’t make those, however, don’t worry! We also plan to record each reading and release them as special episodes on the Good Friends podcast feed.

Told After Supper by Jerome K Jerome

Paul at Grogmeet

Paul attended Grogmeet 2023, where he played Paranoia, Vaesen and Dragonbane, and ran a new Call of Cthulhu scenario called “A Dark Age”. Thanks to Dirk and Blythy of The Grognard Files for organising the convention.

Panels From the Illusion Horror Con 2023

Matt and Scott appeared on a number of panels at the latest Illusion Horror Con. These were all recorded and are now available on YouTube. Check out the links below.

Designing Compelling Villains

Horror Podcasting

Exploring the Subgenres of Horror RPGs

The Blasphemous Tome Issue 11

You have until the end of December 2023 to secure your copy of the latest issue of The Blasphemous Tome. Patreon backers at the $5 level or higher will receive a print copy, signed by our own gnarled hands. This issue features “Blackshade”, a brand new Call of Cthulhu scenario written by Scott Dorward.

The Blasphemous Tome 11

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2 comments on “The Shadow Over Innsmouth part 5

  1. Deep Ones aren’t monstrous?
    Remember: certain houses were going to have . . . “guests” when they took over Innsmouth. And then the hybrids started being born.
    Are we supposed to believe they’re just natural-born pick-up artists from under the sea?

  2. Re the whole racism question, one has to be wary of sticking up for HPL because he undeniably did believe some pretty toxic things earlier in life. But I think there is some evidence that his drift to the left in the ’30s was accompanied by changes in his views about race. For example, there’s his letter to C L Moore in 1937 in which he enthusiastically describes an anti-fascist rally he’s attended and expresses his admiration of the left-wing thinker Rabbi Stephen Wise. He goes on to say, “I can the better understand the inert blindness and defiant ignorance of the reactionaries from having been one of them. I know how smugly ignorant I was. […] I really had [written] all that haughty, complacent, snobbish, self-centred, intolerant bull, and at a mature age when anybody but a perfect damned fool would have known better! It’s hard to have done all one’s growing up since 33—but that’s a damn sight better than not growing up at all.” He seems aware that his lamentable earlier attitudes were born of a lack of experience and personal insecurity, so I think if he had lived longer then he might have become a happier and consequently much more tolerant person. https://www.hplhs.org/voluminous59.php

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