Our 2023 Christmas ghost story reading continues. This year, we are presenting Jerome K Jerome’s comic tale “Told After Supper”. After the introduction to the nature of ghosts we received in the first reading, we are now ready to hear the partygoers’ spooky anecdotes.

This reading has been organised by good friend of the Good Friends, Mike Perceval-Maxwell (host of Mr Spike’s Bedtime Stories), taking place on our Discord server. Mike is joined by guest readers Scott Dorward, Sarah Dovey, Rina Haenze, Brian Murphy, T A Newman, Sue Savage and Graham Walmsley.

Jerome K Jerome

We have broken the story up into three parts. Our plan is to release them all as bonus episodes in the run-up to Christmas. If you would like to listen to the final part live, you can hear it on our Discord server. We will be reading it at 22:30 GMT on the 20th of December.

So brew another bowl of punch, rip out your fireplace, and get ready to dig a grave at the bottom of the garden!

Deck The Halls, performed by the USAFB Concert Band, is in the public domain.

If you would like to read along at home, you can find “Told After Supper” on Project Gutenberg.

And if all this has put you in the mood for Christmas ghost stories, please check out our previous readings:

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