We’re back and we’re heading beyond Innsmouth. The literal and metaphorical tentacles of the Deep Ones now extend far beyond the town’s limits. We’re finding our fishy friends moistening the pages of books, slithering across the silver screen, and even lurking in the hidden depths of our computers. No matter how disturbing any of these may be, however, Robert Olmstead assures us that the scariest place to spy a Deep One is in the mirror.

Main Topic: The Shadow Over Innsmouth – Sequels and Adaptations

Following our extended discussion of HP Lovecraft’s classic weird tale, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”, we’re taking a quick look at some of the various sequels and adaptations spawned by the story. As we mentioned in the first episode, this is by far Lovecraft’s most influential tale. Our overview is far from exhaustive, given the hundreds of tales that owe their origins to Innsmouth and its residents.

As well as a few favourite stories, we also take in some batrachian films, podcasts and even video games. Even so, we have doubtless missed some of your favourites. Please do let us know on social media which works you think we need to check out.

Things we mention in this episode include:


Happy New Year!

Somehow, we’ve made it to 2024. Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to another year of the fun kind of horrors.

Matt on RPG Reanimators

Matt recently appeared on the RPG Reanimators podcast, talking about his Call of Cthulhu scenario, “A Saturnine Chalice”. Listen below, or check it out using your podcast app of choice.

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