We’re back and we’re dabbling with dark forces. If Late Night With the Devil has taught us anything, it’s that achieving fame and fortune is just a matter of striking the right bargains. Sure, that’s probably not the message the filmmakers intended, but it’s the one we’ve chosen to take. Now all we have to do is look around the woods for that sinister owl man and then hope we can explain podcasting to him.

Main Topic: Late Night With the Devil

Join us as we tune in our trusty old 14-inch TV set and stay up past our bedtime to watch Late Night With the Devil. This is a 2023 Australian horror film by the Cairnes brothers that perfectly captures the weirdness of both 1970s television and the era’s obsession with the occult. It’s also a rare horror film that all three of us enjoyed, albeit with some reservations.

As ever, we pick through the film in detail, looking for possible inspiration for our games. Be warned that we will spoil the hell out of it.

Late Night With the Devil 1

Things we mention in this episode include:

Late Night With the Devil 2
Late Night With the Devil 3


Paul on The Arkham Files

Paul was interviewed recently for The Arkham Files, an actual play podcast which occasionally talks to game designers. You can hear him in episode 005 of their Dossier series.

The Blasphemous Tome Issue 12

Issue 12 of The Blasphemous Tome will be going out in early July. This is the fanzine we produce for Patreon backers of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias. The latest issue will contain “A New Dark Age”, a brand-new Call of Cthulhu scenario by our own Paul Fricker.

Every backer will receive a PDF of issue 12 as soon as it’s available. Anyone backing us at the $5 level or above by the end of June will also get a printed and signed copy.

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