A Weekend With Good Friends
Player Signup

Player signups for A Weekend With Good Friends have now closed.

Places are allocated using a lottery system to give everyone an equal chance of getting into their preferred games. We will post the lottery results in the #awwgf-lottery-results channel of the Discord server on Monday the 26th of February. The convention proper will then take place over the 1st-3rd of March.

Don’t worry if you missed the cut-off. There will be pickup games running throughout the convention weekend, plus the chance to join games where players have dropped out. Check the #awwgf-info channel of the Discord server for details.

The Games

If you would like to know more about the scheduled games, the AWWGF Players’ Handbook contains full details, along with essential information for players.

All game times are listed in UTC, alongside a few example time zones. If your time zone is not listed, we recommend using the Time Zone Converter.

If you would like any further information, please check the main convention page or ask the convention staff for help on our Discord server.