This episode we have a rambling discussion on the theme of “The Cthulhu Mythos as corruption”. While the Mythos and associated games are packed full of cool monsters, it is also an ineffable alien presence that taints the minds and bodies it touches.


OK, maybe not that bad.

We talk about body horror, moral corruption and the effect on the fragile human mind of exposure to the truly alien. Our angle on this is much more gaming than Lovecraft scholarship, so you may come away with a few interesting ideas to try out in your next Call of Cthulhu game. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards.

In the latest episode, Paul and Matt talk about their visit to Gen Con while Scott tries to kill them with his mind.


Artist’s impression

We discuss new releases in Lovecraftian gaming, the cool games that Matt and Paul got to run and play, the wonderful steak restaurants in the area and exactly how much Scott hates the other two.


This latest episode sees us trying out the vehicle chase rules from Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, with Paul taking on the role of Keeper. The chase itself is a comparatively short one, as the dice led us to a decisive conclusion within a few rounds. We will probably revisit this topic to give you more of an insight into the rules, but consider this episode as a taster.

We told Paul that frock didn't suit him.

We told Paul that frock didn’t suit him

It’s been a few weeks since the last episode, but we should get on a more regular schedule again, as Matt and Paul have come back from Gen Con and I’ve returned from my summer holiday. We still have one episode in the can and will be getting together next week for Paul and Matt to debrief me on Gen Con, and for me to sulk about not going.

This week we chat about how we discovered Lovecraft, became fans of the Call of Cthulhu RPG and ended up writing for it and other RPGs. If you fancy listening to a couple of middle-aged men and one young whippersnapper talking about the good old days, this is the episode for you!

This week we demonstrate another new aspect of the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition rules. Paul takes on the role of Keeper and convinces Matt and Scott to run for their lives, as we check out the revamped chase mechanics.

The idea of the chase rules is that running away from trouble should be every bit as exciting as combat, especially as some of the most memorable action scenes in Lovecraft’s work are chases. What would The Shadow Over Innsmouth have been like if the narrator has stood and fought the deep ones? Well, apart from thirty pages shorter.

The chase this week is on foot, but we will follow up with a car chase in a later episode.

This is the first of the sweat lodge recordings, when we discovered that during the height of summer, Paul’s shed can reach temperatures normally only found in Cthugha’s pants. You may hear the guzzling of water, gasps of heat prostration and the sizzling of subcutaneous fat. Paul was laid-up with heatstroke for 24 hours after this, so we hope it was worth it.

Please feel free to leave a comment here if you would like us to explain any aspects in more detail, or track one of us down on Google+. Yes, people do use G+.