We’re back, and we’re talking about Gen Con. Again. This is our third episode about the world’s largest roleplaying convention, and Scott has still not managed to make it there. No, instead he gets to sit here and write blurbs to go with discussions of how much fun other people are having. Not that he’s bitter. Oh no. Not at all.


You should have seen the first draft of this post.

Matt has already posted an article about his trip to Gen Con 2014. Paul and Scott were too lazy to read it, so Matt had to tell them all about it in person. Happily they remembered to put a microphone in front of Matt first, so we don’t have to find some way of attaching Matt himself to this post.

junction box

Last time we tried uploading Matt, the local junction box suffered.

You may notice a bit of a drop in sound quality this episode. This is because we were unable to use our state-of-the-art recording facility (Paul’s shed) for reasons that will be explained next episode. That episode should have been this episode, and this episode should have been, um, probably this episode as well. All will be clear in a couple of weeks.