Note: Please, for the love of all that is eldritch and unspeakable, do not use this episode as your introduction to The Good Friends of Jackson Elias! We have learned a lot more about podcasting since releasing this. Our more recent work no longer sounds like it was recorded in a dhole’s rectum. If you would like to sample our work, please try some episodes from number 70 onwards.

Main Topic

One of the things Paul, Matt and I decided we wanted to do with this site was host a podcast. While none of us have done more than be a guest on someone else’s podcast before, we all have opinions and a propensity to talk too much, so it seemed like a natural fit.

Well, here’s the first episode.

The show is called The Good Friends of Jackson Elias. If you want to know why you can ask Paul. I had to.

This is mainly a forum for the three of us to talk about Call of Cthulhu, Lovecraft, horror games in general, horror films and anything else that interests us. We will have a specific theme for each episode — this week it’s player characters.

In particular, we discuss the merits of pre-generated characters for one-shot scenarios and convention games, making the characters the focus of the game and some tips for lazy GMs.

Did I mention that this is the first episode? As we’re all quite new to this, that means that there are stumbles, mistakes, inappropriate laughter, crosstalk, digressions and general incompetence, and that’s just from me. At least half the running time is made up of me saying, “Um.” Please be gentle.

With any luck, we will get better at this as we go on. Maybe.

The audio quality is also a bit rough this week. I have a fancy condenser microphone, which records things nice and clearly, but I managed to misplace the cable for it. We recorded this episode using the microphone on Paul’s iMac, and it’s a bit quiet.

As Paul mentions at the start of the episode, we have no fixed schedule for releasing episodes. It may work out as a couple of times a month, but we’ll mostly be guided by our free time and whether we have something interesting to say. We are trying to keep the episodes between 30-45 minutes.

Anyway, we all hope you enjoy the episode and find it of interest. Please drop us a comment here if you have any feedback, even if it’s “Stop saying ‘um’ so much, Scott!”