Blackwater Creek Audio Files

In 2017, good friend of the Good Friends, Cory Welch ran Blackwater Creek for the Skype of Cthulhu podcast. He asked us to make audio recordings of the scenario handouts for him to share with the players. A musician friend of his, who records under the name Walkathon (Facebook page), then provided some suitably atmospheric background music.

You can download these files from the links below for use in your own games. We have included versions with and without the background music.

Many thanks to Cory and to Walkathon for making these recordings available to us. Please do not redistribute these files without permission.

Björn Johansson has translated the first two handouts — the complete and incomplete letters from Professor Roades — into Swedish. You can download them below.

Many thanks to Björn for sharing them with us.

Other Blackwater Creek Resources

I was a little lazy when creating handouts for Blackwater Creek. Handout #5 — Henry Roades’ Field Notes — are presented in the scenario as a summary. This conveys the necessary information, but not a lot of atmosphere.

Josh Becka mentioned on Reddit that he had created a replacement handout in Roades’ own words. He has kindly given me permission to post it here. Thank you, Josh!