How to Follow Us on Social Media

We have a presence on a number of social media platforms and other forums. While we try to keep up with all of them, it can sometimes take us a while to respond.

Google Plus

This is where most of our discussions happen. Google Plus may not have captured the public imagination, but it’s become home to a large RPG community.


We mainly use our Facebook page for announcements, but you can always contact us here.


We’ve got a bit better about using Twitter over the past couple of years. Paul posts regular snippets about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Mailing List

If you’d like to receive email updates about our new episodes, publications and personal appearances, please subscribe to our newsletter.


We post the occasional video on YouTube, including Paul’s series of tutorials about Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.


The new kid in town. We’ve started using Discord for informal, real-time chats and the occasional more structured discussion.

Miskatonic University Podcast Forum

Our good friends at the MU Podcast have set up a subforum for us. We’ve been pretty bad about keeping up with it, but we shall try to improve!


Scott spends entirely too much time loitering around the Call of Cthulhu subreddit and is usually happy to answer questions there.

While we don’t have a dedicated presence, Paul and Scott can often be found here. We also announce new episodes on the Arkham Marketplace subforum.