Twice a year, we produce a fanzine called The Blasphemous Tome for Patreon backers of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias. Issues go out in June and December.

Each issue features a brand-new, full-length Call of Cthulhu scenario, licensed by Chaosium.

Other articles include gaming inspiration, film reviews, detailed looks at books we have discussed and the occasional behind-the-scenes peek at the podcast. You will also find a number of submissions from our talented listeners, including some striking and unsettling artwork.

The Blasphemous Tome issues 1-6
Tomes from years gone by

As of issue 7, scheduled for June 2021, we are releasing The Blasphemous Tome in both print and PDF formats.

  • $1 backers receive a PDF of The Blasphemous Tome
  • $3 backers receive a PDF and a free voucher for a print-on-demand copy
  • $5 backers and above receive a PDF and a signed copy, printed and mailed by us

The December issue also comes with one of our specially designed Christmas cards.

To make sure that you receive your copy of the next issue, simply make sure you are backing us at the time of release. Our page about sponsoring the podcast contains instructions on how to do this, along with details of other backer rewards.

While we do not sell The Blasphemous Tome directly, you may notice issues listed on DriveThruRPG at a high price. These exist solely to allow us to issue free print-on-demand copies to our backers.