The Good Friends of Jackson Elias

A Call of Cthulhu podcast

What is the Podcast About?

The main subject of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias is Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game. All three of us have written material for the game and are long-time fans.

We also talk about horror films, weird fiction, other games and general inspiration.

Each episode focuses on a single topic, which we try to explore in depth. Even when discussing films or books, we aim to bring the conversation back to gaming. We find inspiration in most of the media we consume and love to talk about this part of the process.

Be warned that we swear a bit. We decided early on not to bleep our profanity and, for better or worse, have stuck with this since.

Why is the Podcast Called The Good Friends of Jackson Elias?

Jackson Elias is a major character in Chaosium’s classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, Masks of Nyarlathotep. The investigators in the campaign are all good friends of his, and so are we!

Paul and Scott also worked on the new edition of Masks, which has only brought us closer to Jackson.

How to Subscribe to the Podcast

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Recommended Episodes

As each episode focuses on a featured topic, there is no reason to start from the beginning. In fact, we recommend that you do not do so. The earlier episodes are rougher in execution and not representative of the current quality of the podcast.

If you would like to sample some of our favourite episodes, please see our recommendations page.

Alternatively, if you would like to browse the entire archive, you should start here.


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11 comments on “Podcast

  1. The reason for my post today is because I was watching a new mini-Series on our History channel about the Great World Wars and what lead up to them. When lo and behold a very familiar background song came on at the point when they were talking about Black Monday, which lead to the Stock Market Crash in 1929, which was the start of The Great Depression. So to start the scene as I said a song started and at first I thought by accident up IPad came on playing an episode of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias..because Japanese Sandman was playing just as a Stock Broker opened up a window, got out on a ledge , and jumped. I thought…well…how appropriate.

  2. Nice! That song does get everywhere.

    A few days after Paul first chose it, I watched an episode of Ken Burns’ documentary series on jazz and the song popped up there as well. I’m sure I must have heard it before, but it was a good example of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

  3. Barry Jun 28, 2019

    Hi, I’ve watched both versions of Martyrs. In the original I hoped the end was that Anna lied to Mamselle about a beautiful Heaven and so tricked her into killing herself out of revenge. The comment to the young man at the door was just selfishness. However I remain unconvinced that that was the point of the ending, I just hoped it was.
    The remake was poor when compared to the original. Frankly I didn’t understand the ending. It was quite a long time ago I watched so my memory may be a bit faded. Both girls are alive , one is roasted and takes on the ecstasy look but then the other girl goes to her and she takes on the ecstastic look as well, for no reason I could understand, but I thought they died together. Is it infectious, or just because they are friends ? Made no sense.
    Quick note about Irreversible. I thought that really worked well. You see a particularly horrific rape, but then see what led up to it. The girl at the busy street saying “ take the underpass, it’s safer” and then seeing that she only left the party to walk home alone because the boyfriend was acting like a complete arse. It was one of the best films I’d seen .