The Convention

A Weekend With Good Friends is a virtual gaming convention organised by our lovely listeners. It takes place on our Discord server.

Thanks to our international listenership, we have games running around the clock. Everyone is welcome to come and join in!

We will post details about the next convention here as they become available.


If you attended the most recent convention in August 2021, we would love to hear your thoughts about it. Your response to the feedback form below will help us fine-tune the next Weekend With Good Friends.

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A Weekend With Good Friends 2021 Feedback

A Weekend with Good Friends 2021 was our third attempt at organizing a con and while we believe we made some good steps forward it wasn't perfect and we'd appreciate your thoughts to try and make the next one even better.

This survey is fairly short but we understand that some of you won't want to type out long answers so all text responses are optional and just completing the score based questions is still extremely helpful for us.

Thank you for supporting the convention and completing this survey - The AWWGF Organizers and Staff Team

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